Car consignment is the process where a licensed motor dealer agrees to sell a vehicle on behalf of a seller for an agreed commission. Selling your vehicle through consignment services is not only stress-free but also takes away the dangers of selling your car by yourself on vehicle listing sites or through social media.
What Is A Car Consignment?
How Does 212Zone Work?
We help you find licensed consignment dealerships that specialize in your vehicle brand in your region.

How It Works

How We Find The Right Dealership For You?
How Much Does 212Zone Charge?
Sending us your vehicle’s details will help us find the right dealership for you. The more details you give us, the faster we find the right dealership for you. Details like:
Make, Model and year
Vehicle condition - this should include damaged areas and vehicle problems
Overall condition of your vehicle wheels
Body Type
Engine Size
Engine Type

At least 3 photos of your vehicle (both interior and exterior)
Nothing! Our services are free. You don’t have to pay any fees before we help you find a consignment dealership. There are no hidden charges, and we never ask for your credit details. We are free, fast and reliable.
No. You are free to accept or reject any consignment dealership selected by 212Zone.
Am I Obligated To Use A Particular Dealership?
Give us accurate information about your vehicle by filling our online form.
We connect you to the right consignment dealers in your region.
You choose the best dealer and contact them directly.
You meet up with the dealer, and sign a consignment agreement.
They handle the selling process and you get your money once your vehicle gets sold.
But finding the right consignment dealership to help you sell your car can be very stressful and time-consuming. And this is where 212Zone comes in. We help you save time by connecting you to our large database of accredited consignment dealerships across the country with a few taps on your phone.
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Why 212Zone?
212Zone is the fastest search service that helps you find the best dealerships in your region to sell your car, truck, motors, RVs, semi-trucks, motorcycles, and trailers on consignment. With our help, you connect to dealerships that sell your vehicle faster and for a top-dollar price.
But, we do more than help you find consignment dealerships. Through our subsidiary company 212Pawn, you can also get up to 50% upfront payment to settle emergencies while you await the sales of your vehicle.
Succeed deals
Verified Consignment Dealerships
212Zone is the best way to sell your vehicle hassle-free and for more value!
About 212Zone
We Connect You To The Right Consignment Dealerships!
We work with only licensed, verified, and insured consignment dealerships.
Give you the freedom to accept or decline a consignment dealership’s offer.
Connect you to the right consignment dealers that give you the best price for your vehicle.
Help you save time; no more unnecessary internet search. You can find lots of consignment dealerships on our website.
With lots of auto consignment services online and offline, the challenge has always been knowing how to find the right nearby dealers you can trust to sell your vehicle.
Here at 212Zone, our mission is to help private sellers find the best-licensed consignment dealerships anywhere across the country with ease.
212Zone does not buy or sell these vehicles directly. We only connect you to accredited dealerships that specialize in your vehicle brand and know how to sell them for a top-dollar price. These dealers take away the dangers and hassles of selling your vehicle privately and give you a less stressful car selling experience. You give them your car, and they handle the selling process, ad posting, schedule drive tests, and negotiate with buyers on your behalf. All you have to do is get your money once they sell your vehicle.
Hassle-free transactions at all times. You only contact consignment dealers that give you the best offers.
Through 212Zone, you can get up to 50% upfront payment loan to settle any emergencies you might have before the sales of your car.
As a leading search service for consignment dealerships, you can count on us to truly connect you to the best dealers who give you a hassle-free selling experience and more money for your vehicle.
Our Clients Reviews & Feedback
I recently used the 212Zone consignment service to sell my car, and it was my best decision ever. The dealer picked my car, and within seven days, I got real offers. I sold my car at ease and for a fair price too. Thank you 212Zone.
I had an emergency that needed quick cash, and I was able to get an upfront payment from 212Zone even before I sold my car. Their thoughtful act helped me sort out my emergency needs, and I’m very grateful for that.
I have used other sites to conduct a private car sale, and trust me when I say that none compares to 212Zone. Their service is fast, I got a consignment dealer that knows how to sell my kind of car, and I made more money out of the sales even after they took their commission. I recommend them and will use their services again.
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